Super Mario Games

Super Mario Bros Games is not online free. super Mario games is created by Nintendo, and Nintendo company always sells super mario game and similar super games for kids through game markets. You can buy Super Mario games from amazon and from official page of nintendo about mario, and nintendo never made android game with super mario, you can only buy super mario games for game devices like Gameboy, ps4, xbox or Wii.

Who is Super Mario

super mario game character Super Mario is actually italian plumber created by Shigeru Miyamoto(game maker) for nintendo while making game named Donkey Kong, Mario name is one of most used boy name in Italia like Super Marco, Super Antonio, Super Alessandro,Super Roberto, Mario, Super Luigi. If you would go to Italy in your life you should see a man named mario. I think Miyamoto decided this name depends on his Italia travel or one plumber worked in His house. anyway After creating this name and character people loved mario, jumping and running plumper person was super funny. But main problem of nintendo is taking trademark for such a name is impossible. Then nintendo decided to rename this game character as Super Mario for selling as law protected commercial product.

Nintendo company made different games named super mario, Super wario and Super mario world, All games licenced to nintendo, but they could never took mario name. This is usual name and usual people and place names cant be IP name of trademark. You can see different name for games has TM icon over it. like super-angry-birds and super-candy-crush-saga. If you are a company ceo of game creators, never forget to take unique name not related or similar to any game. Google android and apple ios has different roles about name of game. Bad company about this name and idea problem is google, because they not even country, and they use rules like apple-mac of USA.

Why nintendo never makes free super games

old game boy for mario gameNintendo is a big company and big companies always must think to earn more,as Nintendo Ceos decided to create their game devices like Gameboy, VirtualBoy, NintendoDS, Nintendo3DS and finally famous Wii. And I think nintendo will never make free game in Android market or apple iphone, ipad market. So they could sell devices beside games. Good idea for a big company, but this was a sad news for kids who can`t buy Wii or gameboy. You can buy mario games for any game devices, even you can buy game for your PC or MAC computer. But there will not be free.

but Kids wants to Play Super Mario games

Nintendo is never making online super games or any free super mario web page as promotion or advertising idea. So some people in and other developer people started to create games named mario, you know just mario name is not protected by any law, so they started to earn with mario IP name without super prefix added. If you are a kid who wants to play super mario games who don`t have such money to buy game device. You can play mario game or similar game type named Platform Games with your current screen that you are looking now. Play super mario games here, and spend your money to mario tshirt and mario coloring book. So you can also support nintendo with your little money. You will get older and you will earn moneys for buy super game devices, then you can buy Nintendo products about mario. super mario flying

Online Super Games

If you want to play online super flash games; you can find different web pages full of flash games, like Online Free Ozmo Games or even different languages like Oyunlar, There is no need to pay any money, nor you never download big files to play that super free games. just click and start to play. This is what kids want for them; so google made chrome game page for this purpose and kids playing free games there as flash games page.

Free Super games Online

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